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Duck Creek Covid Commission: Caleb Curtis, saxophone, Noah Garabedian, bass, Vinnie Sperrazza, drums

Duck Creek Covid Commission: Caleb Curtis, saxophone, Noah Garabedian, bass, Vinnie Sperrazza, drums

Caleb Curtis, saxophone, Noah Garabedian, bass, Vinnie Sperrazza, drums (Video by Luke Marantz). 0:00 - Opening 4:57 - The Clubhouse (Curtis) 8:10 - That Which Cannot Be Replaced (Curtis) 13:50 - Graceful Without Grace (Sperrazza) 23:19 - Fred's Hop (Garabedian) Brooklyn, NY based Grammy nominated saxophonist Caleb Wheeler Curtis “lives at the junction of rigorous preparation and willingness to explore.” (Jazz Speaks) His playing and compositions are informed by a constant searching, at times introspective, brash and melodic. In addition to band-leading, Caleb is a core member of Walking Distance (Sunnyside Records), Orrin Evans & The Captain Black Big Band (Smoke Sessions Records), Josh Lawrence & Triptych (Posi-Tone Records), Curtis + Garabedian + Sperrazza (Outside In Music), and the Fat Cat Big Band. His upcoming album, Ain't No Storm, will be released on Imani Records this fall, 2020. A native of Berkeley, California, Noah Garabedian holds a BA in Ethnomusicology from the The University of California Los Angeles, and a Master's of Music Performance from New York University. In 2006 he was awarded a John Coltrane National Scholarship, and in 2007 was selected as a finalist for the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz . "...Noah is a positively organic bass player, an incredible artist..." (David Wiegand, of the San Francisco Chronicle). Vinnie Sperrazza is a Brooklyn-based jazz drummer. Born in 1979 in Utica, New York, music and drumming is a family affair for Sperrazza. His father plays and taught drums in Central New York, and his mother sang at church and did live sound for his father’s bands. “An understated but highly-skilled and insanely versatile drummer in the vein of Kenny Wolleson, Jeff Hirshfield, and Paul Motian.” - All About Jazz / “Drummer-composer Vinnie Sperrazza, a familiar face on New York’s new-jazz scene.” - The New Yorker / "Sperrazza has proven repeatedly that he’s a fantastic post-bop drummer. With Hide Ye Idols, he proves he’s also a strong composer with a keen conceptual streak.” - Downbeat While our live programming is on hold due to Covid 19, the Arts Center at Duck Creek has commissioned a series of short "stay at home" concerts for your listening pleasure. The purpose of the Covid Commissions was first to provide income and a performance platform for musicians who were struggling in this difficult time. The second was to spread good music throughout our community during a time when the social aspects of making and listening to music have become almost impossible. And finally we wanted to showcase the extraordinary talent of a group of New York based musicians who had been defining musical terms in an area somewhere between genres, making something new. This program was curated by Peter Watrous and is supported by the Willem de Kooning Foundation, the HiLo Foundation and donations from people like you!
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